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The company is a research and development, design, production, sales, service as one, specializing in providing customers with multi - Specification vacuum blister packaging of modern manufacturing enterprises.We have many sets of automatic high vacuum mol Shenzhen ji beauty packaging material co., LTD., founded in 2007, is located in shenzhen baoan district songgang street, clear water, blue sky, fresh air, adjacent to 107 national road, at the same roundabout convenient transportation, logistics developed.It is a modern manufacturing enterprise which integrates research and development, design, production, sales and service, providing customers with various packaging materials and multi-specification vacuum plastic packaging.The product has the characteristics of fine appearance, downsizing and environmental protection. We have multi-automatic high vacuum suction molding machine, automatic folding machine, punching machine, folding box indentation machine, high - speed wave machine, ultrasonic machine and other production equipment.Company has the complete development of design department, molding department, sample test workshop, high frequency processing workshop and have a group of more than 10 years experience of blister professional excellent technical personnel, to ensure the stability of the company product quality and promote, can meet the requirements of different customers is higher and higher.In the new period the company will to update the attitude, the idea of more mature, more perfect products, more circumspect service to meet customer requirements, for customers to save costs, improve efficiency, improve products for customers, and increase competitiveness.
Company spirit of "people-oriented, quality first, customer supreme" the objective, unceasingly enterprising, strive to develop into comprehensive plastic packaging production enterprises, the factory implementation of 5 s enterprise management mode, the environment clean, the factory has been formed, nissan 200000 blister packaging products.We are committed to the delivery of the product for no more than three working days and the number of orders is unlimited.
Main products: plastic packaging box, mask, plastic tray, folding box, round barrel products;All kinds of ordinary, conductive, anti-static plastic products;Company recently developed thick plate blister can replace injection products, compared to the mold cost is low (only one of the 20 points of injection mold), short development time and production time (3 ~ 5 days can be completed).
Application scope: food, electronics, hardware, toys, crafts, cosmetics, gifts, medicine, health products, daily necessities, stationery, etc.
Product material: mainly for the PS, PVC, APET, PETG, PP, HIPS, PS and PVC flocking materials, etc., can be used in a completely transparent, translucent or any kind of color, thickness can be controlled according to customer requirements in the range of 0.14 to 5 mm.All the materials of the company meet the environmental requirements, which can provide the international accreditation inspection (SGS) report.At the same time, there are many kinds of imported, various materials conductive, anti-static materials for selection.
Our department of product design and sample production according to customers need to design a different color, size, shape, thickness and so on a variety of blister packaging products, all will be subject to the customer, excellence, integrity and enterprising.We believe that we can provide you with high quality products, excellent service and favorable price, so that you can enjoy the world.